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eBook Design Features

CPR Studio develops eBooks with advanced web application service agency features.If you peel back the curtain on our eBooks, you will find an advanced eBook web application. This eBook web application (or "web app") sits upon a complex architecture of programming languages that never stop evolving because web technology itself never stops evolving. This eBook code foundation coupled with our design and development process enables us to create amazing eBooks with advanced features and benefits.

Advanced eBook Features

Perhaps your eBook may not use all of the advanced features listed below, but they all work together and present your story in an immersive way to help you achieve your business goals.


Responsive design
Adaptive design integrity
Live web asset
Branded collateral
Intuitive navigation
Embedded fonts
Google font-ready


Video + Audio
Social media
Photo galleries
Lightbox images
Interactive infographics
HTML widgets


Easy to update
Easy to maintain
Mini eBooks
100% custom
External links
Inbound links
Internal links
No seat licenses
No royalty fees


Metrics + Analytics
Adaptive content
Web API-ready
SEO friendly
LMS and CMS-ready
DB integration
Local storage
Cookies enabled
No plugins

eBook Look And Feel

CPR Studio develops eBooks with advanced web application service agency features.Beyond these more advanced eBook web application features, lets take a moment to acknowledge two seemingly simple, yet very essential eBook elements: look and feel.

The Look of Your eBook

Your eBook should look as good on a phone as it does on a desktop. In fact, your eBook should look so good that your audience wants to keep turning its pages to see what’s next. That’s what we call stickiness. We want your eBook to be sticky because that will compel your audience to keep reading your story.

The Feel of Your eBook

We say fluidity when your eBook feels smooth and responds effortlessly to your touch or the click of your mouse. It should glide without hesitation to your chosen eBook location. This fluid eBook behavior will feel good to your audience—we daresay "feel great." What could be better than your audience feeling good (or great!) while they read your story?