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Web-Based Learning Guide Application Design & Development Service

Do your customers need step-by-step tutorials to assist them with using your product or service? CPR Studio excels at web-based learning guide application design and development. Online self-paced learning guide apps are interactive how-to product tutorials with video, voiceover audio, and localizable text.

Client: HP; Project: “Learning Guide v1.0.” Note: This legacy sample learning guide requires the Adobe® Flash® Player browser plug-in be enabled. Newer versions use HTML5 web technologies.

Web-Based Learning Guide Apps Are a DIY Learning Experience

Web-based product learning guides enable businesses to provide their customers with a true DIY support experience. Your business can reduce returns and call center demand by providing step-by-step directions to your customers on any number of topics. Customers get to select the topics they want to view in any order they choose. Using a custom media player shell, your audience will appreciate being able to navigate literally dozens of intelligently categorized how-to tutorials with ease.

Client: HP; Project: “Learning Guide v2.0.” Note: This legacy sample learning guide requires the Adobe® Flash® Player browser plug-in be enabled. Newer versions use HTML5 web technologies.

Metrics Tell the Rest of the Story.

Over the years, CPR Studio and its clients have learned to use metrics to help answer the timeless question: "What do you our customers want to know about most?" As marketing and training experts anticipate the needs of their audience, metrics track the audience's actual behavior when they are viewing web-based learning guide topics. This invaluable insight into what the audience wants to know about most enlightens professionals in sales, marketing, training, and customer support.

Using metrics, businesses can not only anticipate the future needs of their customers, but they can also follow growing customer trends and respond by allocating resources to those learning topics most in demand from customers. The ability to be flexible and responsive to customer current needs and growing demands makes web-based learning guide applications an extremely valuable CRM tool.

Web-Based Learning Guides Are Flexible, Powerful, and Intelligent.

Leave static out-of-date PDF customer support manuals and expensive learning videos in the past and say "Yes!" to a web-based learning guide application that is easy to update, employs metrics to track topic hit-rates, and easily scales to add more topics for your customers. Online learning guides are a perfect solution to answer your customers need for hardware, software, and step-by-step product knowledge.

  • Video + Audio
  • Tracking metrics
  • Transcription toggle
  • Media player controls
  • Search feature
  • Scalable
  • Localizable
  • Easy to update

CPR Studio can design and developer a self-paced learning guide application for any product. Let us know how we can help you deliver a web-based learning guide application to support your customers.