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Custom Web-Based Learning Simulation Design Service

People learn best by doing. But sometimes learning on the real thing isn't the best, or safest, approach. That's why CPR Studio delivers custom web-based simulation learning application design and development services for both tech and non-tech companies.

Located in Orange County, California, CPR Studio creates interactive simulation apps so you can train your audience how to use your hardware, software, or product in a safe, realistic environment.

Client: [Protected]; Project: “Dashboard Touch Screen Simulation”

High fidelity training has always been the ultimate for transferring new skills from the training environment to real life. As such, simulation learning web applications are visually indistinguishable from the actual product, but they have many other advantages, too. Imagine a web-based training simulation app with voiceover, hotspots, search, and helpful directions within a safe "sandbox" learning environment.

When simulations are used for interactive how-to tutorials and skills training, knowledge transfer is quick and impactful. Simulation web apps are available 24/7 online which means your audience can rehearse these new behaviors and transfer their new skills to your actual product anytime they want.

Save Your Business Money with Web-Based Simulation Learning Apps.

Web-based simulation apps feature a mobile-first, responsive design so your audience can learn your product on any device. Does your business want to reduce returns and call center demand? Offering a web-based simulation learning app to your customers can help. When used for sales training and customer support, web-based simulation applications provide your team with a virtual learning environment featuring relevant topics and point-to-point assistance. In addition, web-based simulations are awesome performance support tools.

Does your sales team need a realistic, working model they can reference with a prospect or customer? Web-based hardware and software product simulations are the answer. Your company will also save money by not having to produce costly videos that are cumbersome to update.

Business Leaders Use Web-Based Simulations for Training, Customer Support, Sales Enablement, and More.

Simulation learning enables training, customer support, sales enablement, and marketing leaders to provide their audience a tool for pre and post-purchase product exploration and learning resulting in increased performance and sales, and reduced support costs.

Using only a modern web-browser and an Internet connection, web-based simulation learning apps require no plug-ins or downloads. Just point your browser and start learning.

  • Desktop and mobile-ready
  • Localizable
  • Extremely high fidelity
  • Easy to update
  • Searchable menu
  • Voiceover + Caption toggles
  • Directed or open exploration
  • Web, CMS, & LMS ready

CPR Studio can custom design a web-based simulation learning application for any product. Let us know how we can help you virtually put your product into the hands of your audience.